As the Flames Lord performed very, Suki passionately reunited along with her boyfriend

As the Flames Lord performed very, Suki passionately reunited along with her boyfriend

102 AG

Suki traveled back once again to brand new Flames Nation that have Zuko, and stood protect at the Azula and Ozai’s prison phone and Ty Lee. She showed high matter to possess Zuko when he joined the latest mobile, and you may are short to assist the fresh new Flame Lord when their sibling attacked your. She was unwilling to get off your alone along with her a while later, wanting to companion him or her both returning to the fresh palace, but is disregarded.

A day later, she got together which have Sokka, who had plus journeyed towards the castle having Aang and you can Katara on Zuko’s inquiry. She was only in time to cease this lady date plus the Avatar off opening an attack with the an enthusiastic unbound Azula, telling them to show patience and make it Zuko to describe.

24 hours later, she watched since Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, and you will Azula departed atop Appa into the Hira’a, kept behind with Iroh. If interim Fire Lord commented he didn’t extremely end up being at your home, Suki requested in the event the there is things she you certainly will do to make it best for your, even when most of the Iroh necessary was so much more tea. [9]

Visiting San’s House out of Seashells

Suki traveled with Sokka after their get back out-of Hira’a so you can a Flames Country marketplace, where the several decided to go to Seashell San’s Home away from Shells. She don’t understand the lady boyfriend is actually on the seashells and you will, on getting informed he previously a profile he first started while the a good young boy, she questioned why she had not viewed so it. Sokka easily fixed himself, claiming he wanted to feel a collector while the the period. While the she searched within store, Suki increased suspicious within San’s claim that the fresh shells was basically rare, although giggled at the Sokka as he is actually briefly duped to your believing this new shells, appreciated during the ten prohibit for one, were toward special on two to possess 30, contacting your an excellent goof in the act. When a girl, Giya, inserted the shop, San and you will Jojan believed the woman is a phony collector and you may the previous disappointed the girl from to order shells, prompting Suki to inquire about when the there can be an issue. Whenever sternly told through San to mind her very own business, she angrily answered that he would be to get rid of his users in accordance. The Middle Eastern Sites dating online fresh new Kyoshi Warrior are grabbed by Jojan to try to remove the lady about shop, however, she started initially to squirm out, alerting brand new affiliate to let go. Shortly after the guy failed to exercise, she turned your onto the soil. Whenever San tried to attack with firebending, she very first sweetly informed Sokka she did not need assistance and you may kissed him with the cheek because a thanks for providing, just before getting San and blocking his chi. The couple remaining a shop, although not in advance of Suki informed Jojan to store his hands-off someone who advised him doing as such.

After they left, Suki and you can Sokka involved that have Giya, establishing herself and Sokka and you will wanting to make certain she are okay. She is actually asked how she read to combat that way, regardless of if she playfully chastised Sokka getting bragging one she are a Kyoshi Warrior. A puzzled Giya told you she think each of them wore face paint, however, Suki answered that they just did so on duty. The students girl unfortuitously talked off the girl want to be since the good because the warriors since numerous “jerks” hung out in the market industry. The new warrior offered to show this lady worry about-protection, however when an enthusiastic unconfident Giya started initially to cut off, Suki began informing the lady the storyline of Kyoshi Warriors’ beginning; while in the Avatar Kyoshi’s day, there’s a marketplace to the Kyoshi Isle where unwanted somebody hung out too. She said one to Kyoshi create handle they and offer the ladies how exactly to defend on their own. Inside a couple of years, these types of ordinary lady banded together with her as Avatar’s disciples and you may turned the first Kyoshi Warriors. The woman tale complete, the warrior advised Giya that strength she expected is a discovered element. After the woman recognized the lady bring and you will put along several of the woman family relations, Suki, using this lady Kyoshi Warrior consistent, began knowledge them the methods of this lady classification. [26]