Matt treasured their cousin with his center and you may made an effort to cover the lady

Matt treasured their cousin with his center and you may made an effort to cover the lady

In the sun Also Increases, while securing by themselves out-of Tyler, the guy and you can Caroline got a genuine talk about how it happened.

Matt tells the woman the guy cannot deal with pressure out-of their supernatural life and simply wants to be regular, Caroline try sad however, agrees plus they commercially stop their relationship

Matt remains functioning at Esoteric Grill, only this time having Jeremy. He had been with a difficult time seeing Caroline and you may Tyler together. The guy also requires Jeremy to alter waiting dining tables that have him shouting out: “I do not feel like prepared to my old boyfriend-girlfriend”. The guy later on attends Elena’s eighteenth birthday party that’s seen puffing and additionally Jeremy. Afterwards, the guy gets a ride that have Jeremy to their family where Jeremy instantly says to him he are able to see Vicki.

From the Crossbreed, they are inquiring Jeremy far more questions regarding Vicki and you will admits you to he can’t think of far when she is a vampire, and that the guy never ever got an opportunity to hang up. To start with, Matt discovers it so you’re able to hard going through Vicki’s things in his driveway to try to contact with Jeremy. He gets overrun and you can says to Jeremy he can’t get it done, just after seeing a picture of him and you may Vicki because the infants. Immediately after Jeremy simply leaves, the image flips out of deal with-as a result of face-up. The guy noticed Jeremy then, thought it absolutely was an indication, therefore the guy goes back so you’re able to Jeremy’s and you may attempts to help.

In the Reckoning, Matt can be seen exercise in the gym as he goes into a class where in fact the gang are planning how to handle it having Senior’s Prank Night, he forgot was in motion. Later on, he is enabling Bonnie from the school pond room by putting toilet paper all-over. As well as later visit the gym where it pick Klaus, seeing your destroying Tyler. Matt goes with Bonnie to aid pick aside having Klaus so you’re able to carry out their hybrids also to conserve Tyler. It discover ghost may help him or her, but can’t select Jeremy, thus Matt’s by the drowning themselves and hopefully correspond with their dead aunt, Vicki, who has been haunting him has just. The guy drowns himself, and you can Bonnie effectively really works CPR for the Matt, thus granting your the capability to see their brother.

During the Has the scent of Adolescent Heart, Matt is able to see Vicki now due to their close passing feel. Matt talks together and you may she says to your one she will be able to go back. Later on Matt did some bloodstream magic you to greeting their sister in order to individually reach and you may kiss some thing. Vicki used Matt because they’re entered from the bloodstream. The fresh delicate minute between cousin and sis was disrupted whenever she bludgeoned your having a hack. When he woke, he realized the latest error he produced and you may sought Bonnie’s assist Bonnie told Matt that he’s the only person remaining Vicki around, very Matt was required to say goodbye. Vicki apologized, swore one she wouldn’t hurt someone if the guy let her stand, and you can cried as Matt let her go. Matt informed Vicki you to she really should not be right here anymore, that he has to allow her to wade it doesn’t matter what fantastically dull it’s.

Inside the Homecoming, Matt turns up in the Salvatore residence to grab Rebekah, his big date, and his awesome welcomed because of the Elena, which nervously signifies that they go together since two while the his back up big date. Matt agrees. Afterwards on group he find Caroline on the floor and you can Tyler advising him when deciding to take the lady away from this place.

From inside the party Matt talks with Elena and then he look for she seems stuck and you may doesn’t want to get rid of someone else she wants

Within Urban area, the guy assists Elena and you will Bonnie in order to treat Caroline however, shortly after viewing she is outside the spirits to possess a celebration, they decide to see an effective graveyard to offer this lady a good funeral rather. Afterwards Matt and you may Elena wade discover Caroline on the woods and you may Matt becomes knocked-out from the Stefan. Matt later on brings Caroline household shortly after she’s got already been bitten but Tyler. Klaus following comes of the and you may Matt says this particular try his fault, once the Tyler will have never ever done any such thing to help you Caroline. Then fits Elena at Wickery Link.