Usagi is troubled by the social relationships since the lady youngsters to own maybe not exterior towards the vast majority

Usagi is troubled by the social relationships since the lady youngsters to own maybe not exterior towards the vast majority

Yuzuha Usagi (??? ?? Usagi Yuzuha), later Yuzuha Arisu (?? ?? Arisu Yuzuha) from inside the Alice in the Borderland Retry, ‘s the woman of Alice inside the Borderland. site de rencontres sapiosexuelles She’s skilled mountaineer by way of this lady father, but she shed hope when he the full time suicide.

Before Borderland

Whenever she tried to please the two other sets of ladies, she is remote of the each party. Usagi is physically capable whenever she try very more youthful owing to the girl mountaineer father therefore the dos carry out rise together with her when he returned to Japan off to another country trip. Usagi noticed she could be liberated about societal products whenever she are enjoying this lady favorite sport plus the look at characteristics about mountaintop.

The woman father felt like he would problem Attach Everest through an unexplored the fresh station and in place of additional fresh air. His conclusion regrettably are widely considered a scam and professionals openly falsified the pictures he grabbed throughout their journey. Usagi’s household is shielded during the hate graffiti. Many of these result of disapproval drove your so you can suicide. His history term are “You will find never lied toward mountains”. Grieving more than their father’s demise plus the hidden “public shade” and this stated the only person fully understood the woman, Usagi spotted this new fireworks of Borderland. The woman immigration are special because their muscles didn’t briefly grow to be an effective marionette.

Coming to Borderlands

For her First day off Sojourn, Usagi done the brand new Five out of Spades. When you are nonetheless kind-hearted, Usagi prefers to remain the lady point from other individuals and you may lives alone. As she accustomed go camping in the great outdoors whenever travel to have mountain climbing, she’s zero issues inside the catching and you may offering brief dogs hence live abundantly regarding Borderland Tokyo.

Four regarding Spades

Ryohei Arisu and you can Daikichi Karube very first meet the lady within the Four from Spades. She opportunities the latest arena alone, but when this lady has heard Karube’s attract loudly declaration Pony Head’s status to other members, Usagi cooperates, which shocks Chishiya whom thinks humans is actually selfish. Usagi is indicating her climbing element that allows the girl so you can traveling vertically amongst the flat corridors in the place of being able to access the more hazardous lift or staircase. Nearby the prevent of one’s games, she catches around Arisu to help you cause the video game obvious changes which wanted 2 members to help you coordinate. It scene differs somewhat within manga and you will OVA. About manga, Usagi goes into the lair ahead of Horse head, throughout OVA, Horse-head comes into the lair shortly after Arisu before they can take Arisu, they are knocked down from the Usagi. Following games finishes, she raises by herself in order to Arisu however, converts down his invite so you’re able to arrive, warning him him one specific online game would want betrayal between users.

Choosing the Seashore

Eventually, she is able to obvious both About three out-of Diamonds and you may Half a dozen regarding Clubs. Just after Arisu sorrowfully survives the fresh new Seven from Hearts compromising Karube, Chota Segawa and you can Saori Shibuki, Usagi domiciles Arisu within her alone go camping. She actually is completely sloppy of your sexual implication between son and you can lady and you may allows Arisu to share with you a sleep within her tent. Arisu are sleepless to own self-handle such a distressing problem. After the Chishiya’s obscure idea that’s handed down via Karube, the two are searching for the “Beach” during the pledge away from reading the situation of your own Borderland. While they close-in on the location, Usagi will teach Arisu regarding surviving in the insane. She teaches him simple tips to wield a blade and so they selected daikon radishes with her. She shows him boar music and how to appear. Both beginning to build nearer during this time.